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A Glutton for Punishment


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19 ridiculous phrases that mums always say

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GOODNET Gateway to doing good

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The Thought Catalog : 53 quotes that will make you rethink everything

Great selection of quotes from a previously undiscovered website : Thanks Thought Catalog!

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More Poets on Poetry

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Be the worst you can be

Charles Saatchi seduced me into spending NZ$25.99 on his latest book.
He made the edges of each page gold.
He made the perfectly-sized cover black and just the right sort of texture.
He included a black bookmark.
I would have bought it without even looking inside.
Inside is his favourite ever headline : “Legg Heads Arms Body”.
Sir Thomas Legg’s appointment in 1999 to lead an inquiry into sales of arms to Sierra Leone.
Inside is his favourite joke : All those who believe in telekenesis, raise my hand.
Inside is fun, but the book itself is A MOMENT OF GREAT BEAUTY.
Now I want more….Saatchi Mo’.

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More thoughts on Poetry

Poems show us that we are both more and less than human, that we’re part of the chaos, and that everything is a part of everything else. Julia Casterton

Poetry speaks to something in us that so wants to be filled. it speaks to the great hunger of the soul. Lucille Clifton

A good poem is almost always about something else, which is why they are so hard to write. Charles Causley

A poem is an approach towards a truth. but poems can be funny, witty, quirky and sly. They can be mischievous, tricksterish. Their truths don’t sound like the truths of the courtroom or inquest. Does this, then, show us something about the nature of truth? Can we say there are many truths, or, rather, many aspects of Truth? That truth itself is a shape-shifter? Kathleen Jamie

Sometimes a poem can change people’s lives, strengthen and focus people’s beliefs. And if people can change, that can change the world. Adrian Mitchell

Of course poetry is irrelevant to the “real” world of power and politics, but so is philosophy, painting, music and any other human activity where something genuine can be found. Charles Simic

All of the above taken from Being Alive edited by Neil Astley Bloodaxe Books 2004



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