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The thing in the fridge

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We were very sorry to see you go
but there’s a thing in the fridge
and we just have to know
what it is

For science apparently
a sample we’re told
it’s possibly rotten and decidedly cold
what on earth will we do
if it comes back to life
we might have to find ourselves
some sort of knife

It looks rather meaty
it might have an eye
is it your dog’s food
or some sort of pie
we’d sort it ourselves
but we’re too scared to try
(though it doesn’t appear to be able to fly}

We’d said see you later
but we’ve changed our minds
since we looked in the fridge
to see what we’d find
there’s a thing wrapped in Gladwrap
that might be alive
please come back and see us and help us survive!

Words and photo by Stephen Trinder

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