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Ruby Rose and a whole lot of gender role fun

Great fun photos : http://www.featureshoot.com/2015/03/photographer-creates-intimate-portraits-of-her-gender-bending-friends/

Books, books, books!
Wonderful signs!

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One of the best puns ever ever ever


I wonder if there’s one for SELFISH ?

And some more :





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Toilets toilets toilets toilets toilets


November 20th was World Toilet Day

Resources from the amazing Larry Ferlazzo : http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2009/11/21/the-best-resources-for-learning-about-world-toilet-day-the-issue-of-public-sanitation-in-the-third-world/

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Reggae Shark from the Key of Awesome

Just discovered Reggae Shark and The Key of Awesome (thanks to UCSA)!!

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How to own a Hilux and how to remember stuff

I’m a sucker for anything that makes fun of gender stereotyping (there really are no women in this ad.!) and there are so many in the latest Toyota spot I had to watch it over and over to catch them all. Love the ending too.

And an excellent description of the differences between short-term memory, working memory and long-term memory, with teaching hints for all three:


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How do horses clean up after themselves?

With a hoover.

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Northern Soul dancing in a kebab shop

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